Dining and Nightlife


For detailed restaurant recommendations, you may peruse the reviews at the Rocky Point Restaurant Guide . Here are some of our favorites:

  • For views, we highly recommend The Point (in old port), El Capitan and The Lighthouse (both on top of Whale Hill). All these options have great views and sunsets.
  • Our favorite “foodie” spots are Don Julio’s, Mickey’s Place, and Mare Blu.
  • Favorite party/casual spots include Wrecked at the Reef, Max’s, or any of the restaurants at the Fish Market (especially Mary’s and Senior Amigo’s).
  • Pollo Lucas is highly recommended for Pollo Asado – for $10 you can get a whole chicken with all the trimmings and bring it back to your condo.
  • Citron is the main restaurant at Las Palomas, located on the ground floor of the civic center of Phase II near the check in desk. La Maria Coffee Shop is located near the Phase I check in desk and offers not only coffees but also ice cream. The pool bars also serve food and drinks. Food is quite good and reasonably priced.

Overall, the diversity of restaurants and quality of food preparation make Rocky Point a foodie paradise.

Insider’s Tip:

I find the best value is to have a meal at one of the Old Port casual spot such as Flavio’s, Senior Amigo’s, or Mary’s . Hard to beat a plate of fish and shrimp tacos washed down with a cold cerveza. After lunch, buy a few pounds of fresh shrimp or fish at Old Port and cook that up for dinner back at the condo. And grab a chicken at Pollo Lucas on the way back to Las Palomas. That is the way to eat very well (and on the cheap) in Rocky Point. If you plan to cook shrimp at the condo, don’t forget to bring your cocktail sauce and horseradish dip for the shrimp…we can’t find these items in Rocky Point.



When the sun goes down in Rocky Point, the fun is just beginning. It’s time to get dressed up and party the night away at some of the local hotspots.

JJ’s Cantina in Cholla Bay.
(638) 638-3227
While JJs’s has been a favorite Rocky Point venue for years, it has recently become known as the Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers hangout. Check their website for upcoming concerts.

Manny’s Beach Club and Restaurant at Coahuila y 1a (on The Strip)
(638) 383-3252
Manny’s is another uber-popular hangout, usually first on the list for regulars. Reports are that it’s been slowing down recently since Manny decided to retire.

Wrecked at the Reef has become the trendiest bar in Rocky Point at the place to go if you’re in college. In addition to live music every Friday and Saturday evening beginning at 9:30pm, Wrecked at the Reef offers a happy hour Monday thru Friday from 3-6pm and ALL day on Sunday.

Chango’s Rocky Point Bar beside Plaza Meli del Sol
(638) 382-8648

Club Elixir is a newcomer to the Malecon (Fish Market) night scene. This Rocky Point bar offers a comfortable lounge type ambiance that makes some believe they haven’t left Scottsdale. Club Elixir is at its best on Thursday and Saturday nights.

Ice Box is right across the street from Manny’s. It’s hip, it’s cool and it’s open. Come in and try it out!
(638) 116 1339